People regularly pass complex medical examination in all civilized countries of the world to distinguish possible problems with health at an early stage, when to cure them much easier.

Any doctor will tell that timely diagnostics of a disease often happens a guarantee of safe treatment and that competently conducted survey – already a treatment half. The Israeli clinics take a leading place in world medicine on level and quality of medical diagnostics, and annually hundreds thousands the patients who in time have passed diagnostic inspection in the Israeli clinics, keep to itself health, and sometimes the life too.

In all civilized countries people regularly undergo complex medical examinations for health problems early diagnostics and treatment.

Any doctor will tell you that timely diagnostics is often successful recovery guarantee, and that well-conducted examination is a treatment half. Israeli medical diagnostics leaders the world medicine and annually many hundred thousand patients underwent diagnostics examination in Israeli hospitals in time, safe their healthy, and sometimes the life.

In clinics of Israel more than 200 various diagnostic procedures for different age patients suffering from various diseases are offered. Israeli doctors perform complete diagnostics and administrate corresponding treatment. Timely checkup allows dangerous problem evaluation and rooting out.

Diagnostics in Israel is carried out with the maximum comfort for a patient - all procedures are apparently painless, a patient is guaranteed the highest level service during his hospitalization. In the matter of hospitalization inability many Israeli hospitals offer to undergo complete diagnostics in one day. This service is called "diagnostics tour" and is very popular among "medical tourists" from all over the world.

Medical examination is held in Israel under highly qualified physicians’ supervision through comprehensive approach using medical up-to-date and precision equipment. Israeli experts offer men, women, children and the elderly age overall examinations. Cancer and other serious diseases early diagnostics takes place in local clinics. After a medical examination in Israel, the doctor comments on its results and, if necessary, proposes an appropriate set of medical procedures.

In Israeli clinics all organs diagnostics is held, as well as ultrasound, computed tomography, X-radiography, various types of endoscopies, blood tests to identify potential inflammatory processes in the body, genetic analysis, senses of vision, hearing and respiratory functions, etc. The high level of diagnostics specialists’ professionalism in Israel allows them to detect and identify in time diseases that are not diagnosed by other countries specialists.

It should be noted that the medical examination in Israel would cost you much less than the appropriate procedures in Europe. In addition, in European hospitals patients often have to wait for the turn, while Israeli clinics are available for a patient's visit on the day of reference.