Many "medical tourists" are going for treatment to Israel, choose surgical services and it is not surprising, because today Israeli surgery is one of the leading medicine spheres and is leading in the world in quality and reliability.

Israeli surgery is available to help even the most serious patients. Local surgeons pass regularly qualification upgrading courses, improving their skills, attend international seminars to exchange experiences with colleagues from around the world and never rest on their professional level laurels using every opportunity to upgrade qualifications and learn about medicine innovations.

Surgical service in Israel begins with diagnostics, a patient has arrived at the clinic undergoes a comprehensive examination by means of the latest medical technology, which allows disease detecting in time, evaluate its severity extent, and find the right treatment course. In Israel, surgery specialists practice an individual approach to each client, focusing on his requests regarding the treatment and do everything possible to combine a comfortable and pleasant environment with effective treatment.

Thanks to innovative medical technology, professionalism and physicians’ extensive experience, many patients have taken advantage of surgical services in Israel, were not only able to recover from their illness, but also to lead a normal life after the surgery without any restrictions, as a completely healthy people. Israeli surgeons successfully perform the most complex operations - tumors resection, prosthetics, bypass surgery, neurosurgical operations, etc.

Today, Israeli doctors are able to perform surgical operations of any complexity – more than that in a lot of cases just Israeli surgery provides the entire world with completely new operations and treatments that have no counterparts in other countries.

The obvious advantage of surgery in Israel is research and technology, that enable doctors perform miracles recovering life and health of patients, seem quite hopeless. Local hospitals have in their disposal cutting-edge surgical equipment manufactured in accordance with the latest innovative designs. Robotechnics is regularly used in surgeries and it reduces the risk of human- error mistake.

Postoperative care is organized at the highest level - regular examinations, round the clock patients monitoring, as well as, needless to say, a careful and obliging attitude to a client, his requires and needs.

Speaking about Israeli surgery benefits it should be noted the warm and mild climate of this country, that according to Israeli and international medicine great representatives, promotes rapid wounds healing and has a general strengthening effect, that is so important for complex surgery requiring a long recovery.

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