Otolaryngology is taken to be relatively "ordinary" branch of medicine. As a result, many people tend not to take seriously otolaryngological diseases but it is wrong: ENT diseases, often flowing in the chronic and undistinguished form, can pose a serious threat to health and even to life, if they are not detected and treated.

Specialist otolaryngologists working in Israeli clinics successfully diagnose and treat all kinds of END disorders by means of medicine cutting-edge equipment and innovative methods - which is why many patients suffering from various types of ENT diseases, prefer to be treated in Israel.

Israeli doctors perform comprehensive upper respiratory tract diagnostics, which is carried out quickly, efficiently and painlessly for the patient and enables to identify current and potential disease.

Many of «medical tourists" come to Israel in the order for operations such as snoring laser treatment, shortening of tongue frenulum and also other surgical interventions concerning with ear, nose and throat. At Israeli clinics a variety of operations types in ENT organs field, from simple, such as removal of polyps and tonsils, to the most complex, hearing lost due to injury or disease improve or restoration are performed.

Specialists-otolaryngologists working in Israeli clinics possess extensive experience in the treatment of congenital otolaryngological abnormalities. After treatment in local hospitals, many patients are able to lead a normal fulfilling life, forgetting all their problems.

A separate otolaryngology branch, which is also highly developed in Israel, is ENT cancer treatment. Local surgeons successfully perform larynx, upper jaw, vocal cords, oral cavity, salivary and thyroid glands malignant tumors resections. The operations are usually successful; forecasts for the patients in most cases are most favorable.

After surgery, patients are guaranteed medical observation for required period, in the order to avoid postoperative complications, frequent in ENT-organs operations, and to provide fast healing. In addition, some specialists consider that Israeli mild and warm climate aids patients’ recovery after surgery.

The high - level professionalism of Israeli physicians, constantly upgrading their skills, and also modern medical equipment and innovative treatment methods put Israeli otolaryngology on one of the leading positions in the world for quality and effectiveness of ENT diseases treatment.