One of the most complex and important medicine spheres it is, surely, neurosurgery. Neurosurgeons have to perform complex operations; a patient’s future life and welfare - whether he will lead a full life, or will remain non-ambulatory or wheelchair-bound – depend on their professionalism, as well as on surgery and treatment medical equipment.

Israeli neurosurgery, as well as other medicine branches, is developed at a high level, and moreover, just Israeli neurosurgeons are among the best in the world. Brain and spinal cord complex operations, as well as malignant tumors resections, complex vascular surgery, epilepsy and Parkinson's disease cure, etc. are successfully performed in Israeli hospitals.

It should be highlight that Israeli neurosurgeons are working not only with adults but also with children: pediatric neurosurgery is much more difficult then adults’ one, but our doctors perfectly solve even the most difficult problems in order to save health, and sometimes life of a young patient.

At Israeli clinics first-class professional surgeons perform all kinds of cerebropathy surgical treatment. The specialists use the most modern equipment and latest medical techniques, doctors training and improving their skills on various courses and international seminars regularly.

Patients come to Israeli clinics for neurosurgical oncology operations from around the world. The level of neurosurgical oncology in Israel allows successful resection of a variety of different stages cancer tumors, as well as their diagnostics at the very beginning. Israeli surgeons also perform tumors resections located at skull base, in these cases it is necessary sometimes assistance of other fields experienced colleagues, from surgeons specializing in oral surgery to ENT surgeons. Among Israeli neurosurgical oncology methods, there are such innovative working outs as endoscopic and transsphenoidal surgery. Israeli clinic specialists also perform various types of surgical intervention in angioneurosurgery field.