Israeli orthopedics, as well as other medical services, is at the highest level, no wonder that patients from around the world suffering from arthropathy, come for treatment to Israel, and then whole-heartedly thank Israeli doctors and specialists in orthopedics, who succeed to return them full life.

There are the best orthopedics specialists in Israel, they practically haven’t unsolvable problems thanks to their close collaboration with neurosurgeons and surgeons. Namely Israeli doctors successfully carry out the most complex joints operations, including prosthetics. A lot of operations carried out in this country, are orthopedics know-how in Israel, since they were invented and successfully introduced into medical practice just here.

Clinics in Israel, specializing in orthopedics operations, suggest a higher comfort and excellent service.

Knee replacement in Israel.

Many foreign patients, who are interesting in Israeli orthopedics services, focus on knee replacement in Israel. It is complicated and risky procedure that requires a high degree of professionalism, as well as the reliability of the operation medical equipment and materials.

This operation in many cases is the last chance to get a full life, so in the matter of this operation necessary, the choice of knee replacement in Israel, the country with medicine one of the best levels in the world would certainly be the right decision. Israeli doctors long ago practice endoprosthesis replacement and follow medicine innovations. In Israeli knee replacement operations only cutting edge, reliable prostheses of special materials, biocompatible with the body, are used. After a course of post-operative treatment, you will forget about the illness forever.

Hip replacement in Israel.

Many diseases lead to hip replacement need, not rare in time performed arthroplasty may save the patient from the disability. Endoprosthesis is a serious, complex and delicate surgery when doctors replace the sick joint for artificial that does not cause any inconvenience and in no way restricts the patient.

For decades Israeli doctors successfully perform hip replacement, extensive clinical experience enables reduce to zero medical error rate. In addition, Israeli doctors regularly attend international seminars, improving their skills and sharing experience in hip replacement in Israel with their foreign colleagues.

Before the surgery, you will have a comprehensive diagnostics and a conversation with the doctor who will listen carefully all your wishes and answer your questions - Israeli doctors are practicing individual approach to patients and doing everything in order that he’ll be homelike and comfortable at Israeli clinic during the treatment and hip replacement.

An artificial joint is made of high quality material, its rejection is completely impossible. One to two weeks in Israel after hip replacement surgery - and you'll back to normal life and forget about joints pains.

Replacement arthroplasty in Israel is one of the most developed local surgery and orthopedics sectors. Israeli specialists will offer you a comprehensive diagnostics with present problems detailed description and will work out an appropriate treatment, including joint replacement surgery, which can be carried out in Israel, if it is required in your case. After joint replacement surgery you will recover your healthy and will enjoy life.

In addition to joint replacement, the Israeli clinics foreign patients are offered feet operations. Foot surgery in Israel it is a wide range of operations as various diseases treatment, from congenital defects to different injuries and illnesses consequences. Israeli doctors admirably perform the most complex surgeries, requiring the foot surgery.

Israeli specialists also perform various bones surgeries as the result of malignant tumors, trauma and other causes. Bone surgery in Israel guarantees medical personnel’s higher-level skills, update medical technology and innovations use. The percentage of patients who completely recovered even after the most complex diseases requiring bone surgery in Israel is high enough.

Israeli orthopedics is a highly developed medicine branch that engages best specialists from all over the world. Going for Israeli orthopedic surgery, you can be confident in the professionalism of Israeli orthopedics, in perfect operations performing in Israeli hospitals, as well as in the fact that you will return home completely healthy.