Plasticheskaya hirurgiya

Today plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular - thousands of people decide to set wits to nature and change their appearance under an operation, by means of a surgeon's scalpel. But do not forget that a body and face plastic is one of the most difficult surgery types, which requires high qualification and extensive doctors’ experience because plastic surgery wrongs consequences can be very sad.

Every year a lot of "medical tourists" come to Israel for a variety of plastic surgery. Plastic Surgery in Israel is at a high level - local plastic surgeons perform perfectly both simple and complex operations on face and body plastic. Israeli doctors offer a wide range of plastic surgery - to change a nose, lips, ears shape, to enlarge / lessen a mammary gland, as well as other correction and rejuvenation surgeries (face and body tuck-up operation), and correcting unsuccessful plastic surgery, made earlier, effects, scars removal etc.

Clients have made use Israeli plastic surgery services, are always happy with the results - Israeli surgeons are professionals, and none of your environment will not even suspect that you have undergone plastic surgery aggression. The Israeli Plastic Surgery another advantage is its cost. It is much cheaper than in Western countries, while the quality, however, remains beyond reproach.

In addition to plastic surgery, widely different limbs prosthetic operations are performed in Israel. Israeli doctors have in their disposal innovative prostheses made of high quality, biologically compatible with any body. Israeli hospitals offer either lower-limb or upper- limb prosthetics, and joint replacement too. Local specialists are doing their best to ensure the patient after limb replacement surgery, held in an Israeli hospital, the opportunity to feel himself as a full society member with minimum of restrictions.

Patients who need upper- limb prosthetics or lower- limb prosthetics, first of all undergo a comprehensive diagnostics, then they are offered several replacement options. Artificial limb choice depends on the patient's age, his lifestyle, on the limb, which requires replacement, and on other factors too. Limb prosthetics surgery is performed in Israeli hospitals as soon as possible. After prosthetic installation the patient passes the prosthesis rehabilitation course, during which doctors train to use prosthesis, caring for them, etc.

Israeli prosthetic devices, replacing upper or lower limb, are high-tech products made from the best materials, through the latest innovations in anatomy, biomechanics and electronics use. After arm or leg replacement, held in Israel, patients are able to return to normal social life.

In addition to the artificial limb, patients can get in the clinic all sanitary facilities. Israeli prostheses have a warranty service period during which the patient can apply to the clinic for his prosthesis repair or replacement.