Urology in Israel is a highly developed and enough popular among "medical tourists" medicine sphere. Today, millions people around the world suffer from urologic diseases, many of which require complex mixed treatment or surgery. Israel is one of the leading countries in terms of urology treatment level and urological disorders cures, including surgical interference.

There are leading urological diseases specialists from all over the world in Israeli hospitals. Many of them are engaged in their own urology operational procedures developing and their successful practice, as well as other treatment methods, use. Urology cure in Israel it is a doctors’ high professionalism guarantee, only the most modern medical equipment applying and individual approach to each patient, the high level postoperative rehabilitation period. Israeli urologists perform operations at any complexity level for all age’s patients, from infants to the elderly.

Israeli doctors offer urological disorders that involve men, women, children and the elderly cure - prostate, various urinary tract infections, kidney stones, tumors, erectile dysfunction and infertility, etc. In addition, Israeli hospitals urologists successfully perform complex prostheses installation surgeries, including penile prostheses, etc. in Pediatric urology specialists correct urinary tract and genital organs congenital defects, there are special devices designed to meet all young patients’ anatomy specifics in pediatric urology departments,. Another medical problem which is often required treatment in Israeli hospitals by all ages patients is urinary incontinence treatment, that is conducted in local hospitals quickly and efficiently.

Before urological treatment beginning, patients undergo complex examination through the latest diagnostics equipment use. Further, on these results basis, cure plan is developed. If there is no need for surgical intervention, the client is offered conservative treatment, but if the operation can not be avoided, specialists will try to perform it as gentle and safe as possible.

In Israeli clinic a patient is guaranteed maximum usability and comfort. All urology cure procedures in Israel are actually painless thanks to ultra-modern equipment and experienced medical staff. During postoperative period patients are provided with round the clock medical supervision. Rehabilitation period is usually doesn’t last too long, and in the short time after the surgery, the patient can return to his normal life.

Every year thousands of patients have undergone urology treatment in Israel leave the country as completely healthy people.